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Dr. Shapiro, AuD.


Dr. Robyn Shapiro, Au.D., is a dedicated audiologist providing affordable hearing health care to her patients and their entire family. Dr. Shapiro, Au.D., is New York State board certified and received her doctoral degree from PCO, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Shapiro’s background includes; specialized training and research in a wide variety of audiological services for pediatric, adult, geriatric and “difficult to test” populations. Dr. Shapiro, Au.D., served as the Clinical Coordinator of Adelphi University’s Audiology clinic. Dr. Shapiro, Au.D., was an adjunct professor for the Long Island Consortium Audiology program; teaching doctoral courses at Adelphi University, Saint John’s University and Hofstra University. Dr. Shapiro, Au.D., headed the Long Island Consortium community outreach program- offering free hearing screenings throughout Long Island. Dr. Shapiro relocated to Florida in 2015 at which time she worked at Advanced Audiology; contracting to several facilities in Broward County, Davie County, Hollywood and Hallandale, in addition she worked for pediatric ENT @ Memorial Hospital and several Adult ENTs throughout South Florida.

Dr. Shapiro, Au.D., holds many professional organizations including; American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), Long Island Speech and Hearing Association (LISHA) and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), professional certifications and licenses including; ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology, New York State-Audiology License, and the New York State-Hearing Aid Dispensing License, New York State Audiology Board certification, Florida State Audiology License since 2015-Current.

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Built with expertise Dr. Robyn Shapiro in mind, Hear We Go Now is packed with features that you will actually need in your day-to-day hearing health.

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We bring hearing services to you at your convenience. Our high-end portable audiometric tester meets standards to provide accurate hearing results...

Hearing Devices Solutions

Mobile testing at HearWeGoNow utilizes SHOEbox Audiometry- meeting OSHA standards for mandated maximum permissible ambient noise levels for hearing testing...

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Dr. Robyn Shapiro, AuD. works closely with each of her patients to offer them an affordable and comfortable solution for their hearing needs based on...

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